iTrade’s products is good & suits me favorably,
I strongly recommend to use with trust & confidence.
“May iTrade have great success in their products!”

Thank You and Best Regards,
Connie Cheong


Hi Wendy

Writing to thank you for your recommendation to your products like…anti-bacterial toothbrush, clear food plastic bag and Australia bath bar soap.

I am very pleased to the after using result of this individual products.  For an example,  the anti-bacterial toothbrush has help to decrease my gum bleeding when I used for the 1st month and subsequently no more bleeding and it also make your teeth cleaner after each brush. Clear food plastic bag that I used for packing the raw meat and other food stuff. It keeps and retain the freshness of the food and last longer compare to normal food clear plastic bag. As for the bath bar soap, I like the manuka honey soap and the smell. It has improved my dry skin.



Dear iTrade Healthcare,

The Nano Silver Dual Bristle Toothbrush definitely recommended! I am a satisfied customer from iTrade Healthcare’s products. The Nano Dual Bristle Toothbrush cleans better and I notice than my gums are not so inflamed after brushing due to the soft bristle of this toothbrush. A definite must buy for those who have sensitive teeth. Worth every dollar!



Hi Wendy,

Here are my testimonials on the 2 products that I’ve enjoyed using thus far:

My family and I have been using the botanical soap recommended by Wendy since 2011 when we had our first charity stalls at the Changi Airport Recreation Club.  The soap has successfully eliminated the body odour from my teenage daughter who normally comes home sweaty from her physical exercise session in school.  Highly recommended for teenager would be the Rose.  Smell aside, the soap has left a very smooth-like texture to her skin which made some of her girlfriends commented on her skin.

The adults in the house will go for Peach and Lavender. Peach will give you a very fresh feeling in the morning while Lavender relaxes your body after a hard day’s work.
For the past 3yrs, I’ve been using the Goatsmilk soap daily for my face as a facial cleanser and am super happy with the results.  Its free from chemical products had done wonders to my skin. A bit of breakouts are inevitable but the soap will help cleanse them without leaving traces of dryness to the skin as it has its own natural moisturising lotion to help soften the skin.

I’ve recommended these soaps to some of my friends and family members as results had shown on our skin personally.

The soft bristles of these toothbrushes will protect our gums regularly.  No doubt the bristles are super soft, they did not go out of shape so easily like some other soft toothbrushes sold in the market.  The bristles can go through in between the teeth smoothly without forcing them thus made it more comfortable to the gums and teeth.

Shahidah Salamat


Hi Wendy,

I am sending you my testimonial for the Korea Real Nano Toothbrush.

“My experience with the Korea Real Nano Toothbrushes is very positive. I have used both toothbrushes, the soft ‘Nano Silver’ and the medium soft ‘Nano Gold’. Both are great toothbrushes! As my teeth are quite sensitive, for me the ‘Nano Silver’ is the ideal brush. Before I got to know the Korea Real Nano Toothbrushes, I had been using toothbrushes from all big brands, US made, European made, and Japanese made brushes. For me there is no doubt at all: The Korea Real Nano Toothbrush is by far superior compared to other branded toothbrushes. It is ergonomically designed, using long lasting high quality materials, and the dual bristle technology allows a thorough cleaning in between the teeth. Therefore, in the morning and after lunch I do not have to floss my teeth any longer as I always did before. I regard the antibiotic effect of the silver ions as a strong added advantage. For me the decision is clear. I will continue to use only Korea Real Nano Toothbrushes.”

Dr. Ubbo von Oehsen