Korea Real Nano Toothbrush

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– Nano Gold and Silver – it reduces bacteria by approximately 99.8% proven thru lab test.
– Made of high-grade Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) dual bristles
– The Dual-bristles make it durable and lasts 2 times longer than ordinary toothbrush.
– Just don’t brush hard, as hard is damaging to your teeth and gum.
– The long firm bristles help to pick between your teeth. The short firm bristles make it flexible to clean thoroughly between teeth.
– Standard Bristle size for Teenagers and Adults
– Small Bristle size for Teenagers, small set of teeth, wisdom tooth and elderly in between gaps.

– When you eat hot, cold, sweet, and sour food, do you feel discomfort?
If Yes, use our Silver (Soft) for sensitive teeth and gum
If No, use our Gold (Medium Soft) for normal teeth and gum.
– Combi Silver/Gold for all types of teeth and gum.

– This toothbrush is so popular that copycats and imitations follow.
– Recognize our Real Nano Toothbrush by our company label, “iTrade Marketing” which is pasted at the back of every piece and appointed 20 outlets for your convenient shopping.
– Happy Brushing!