Nature’s Best SuperActiv, 60 capsules


SuperActiv is carefully formulated with Type 2 Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Boswellia to promote healthy joint in those who desire to remain active.

Collagen is a natural protein and primary substance of connective tissue that holds our body together.

It is part of the makeup of our tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, hair, skin and vital organs.

Hence it is important to nourish our body with Type 2 collagen.

Boswellia, a centuries-old herb, helps support the structural wellbeing of joint health and function and protect against collagen degradation.

Formulated to promote healthy active joints with Glucosamine, Type 2 Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluoronic Acid and Boswellia

Also contain Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate

Directions: Take 2 capsules daily with meal.