Negative Ion Sanitary Pads – TRIAL


LADYLOVE Trial Pack:

Day Usage : 1 pc

Night Usage: 1 pc

Panty Liner: 1 pc

Do you know?

The chances of matured women to be affected by vagina infections are as high as 83%. The use of poor quality sanitary napkin caused 62% of women to be infected.

Why is it so easy for women to suffer from bacterial infections during menstruation?
For ordinary sanitary napkin used continuously up to 2 hours, its surface may consist of bacteria numbering up to 107 per mm² and this contamination may affect women’s health seriously.

Symptoms of infections during menstruation including:

Mild fever, external genital infection, skin itch, ascending infections, cervices, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and etc), leukorrhagia, localised burning sensation or lower abdominal pain, nausea; infections of urinary system (e.g. urinary tract infection, bladder infection, pyelonephritis, frequent micturition, urgent micturition,  waist sore and waist pain with fatigue fever.

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